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Frequently Asked Question

According to a 2011 study in Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise, boxing workouts burn an astonishing 12-20 calories per minute (that’s up to 1.5x more calories than interval-based running, indoor cycling, or high-intensity rowing). That means boxing is THE best bang-for-buck workout out there, burning 600-1000 calories in every class.

Absolutely NOT. Due to the high-intensity nature of the workouts, you will not increase muscle mass. Instead you will shred fat and shape lean muscle.

Increased metabolism, rapid fat loss, improved muscle tone, improved core strength, reduce stress, better hand-eye coordination, increased self-confidence . . . and abs to die for.

That’s something that you should really discuss with your doctor, however it is possible to train right up until your due date.

Yes. Wraps are required in the box room. They protect your knuckles, thumbs, and wrists when striking the bag. You can purchase a pair of quick wraps from our reception for SR 60, or you can bring your own. No wraps = no entry. NOTE: due to time constraints, coaches cannot assist in wrapping hands with traditional hand wraps prior to class.

First off, when you punch an Aqua Bag, it feels like you’re hitting a human body without guilt . Not to mention, Aqua Bags offer many benefits over a traditional punch bag. When you strike the Aqua Bag, the bag ‘absorbs’ the impact of the punch, reducing the impact on the joints, tendons, and ligaments. The teardrop shape allows you to throw uppercuts, which you cannot do on a traditional bag, and the shape also makes it easier for the trainer to see you, and you to see the trainer.