Lose yourself to this high-energy, heart pumping, sweat-dripping boxing class

Class Descriptions


This is where we smash the bags LAKMA STYLE! This ultimate head-to-toe full-body workout combines beating the-hell-out-of-our aqua bags and our choreographed wall station workouts! Expect circuits which include anything from burpees, Stroop band exercises, ball slams, and more challenges depending on the day. This is where we dial our energy on high! Gloves on! Lights off!

Upper Body/Core

You’ll be defining and tightening your upper body and carving out those abs together. We’ll guide you through a host of feel-good experiences on your wall station between our classic rounds on the bag.

Lower body

Yes, leg days can be fun! Expect our creative squats and lunges by your wall spot, and when our buns of steel are awake and burning . . . it’s back onto the bag!


Lakma’s Signature Core Day is a combo of targeted core exercises that work – but a fun modern twist! Once your abs are on fire . . . it’s back onto the bag!